12 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger

The fountain of youth is very close

Ponce de Leon spent a lifetime searching for the fountain of youth. Unfortunately for him, he was looking in the wrong places. You can stay younger looking and be healthier just by eating the right foods found in your supermarket.

The foods you should be eating to look younger

Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes

If you want to look younger as you grow older, here are three top vegetables that contain enough beta carotene to help you achieve that objective, Beta carotene helps fight the sun’s radiation as well as free radicals that cause your skin to age.

Just don’t limit yourself to these three vegetable varieties. You should eat a healthy amount of all vegetables to get all the anti aging potential they possess.

Dark Chocolate

Your chocolate craving is not such a bad habit after all. The more dark chocolate you consume, within reason of course, the healthier your skin should look. The reason for that is that dark chocolate contains an ingredient called flavonals.

Flavonal is actually an antioxidant that works to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun. The only problem is that the amount of flavonals varies between chocolate varieties. To find the highest levels look at how much cocoa is used in making the dark chocolate bar you are eating.


Not just any type of fish will do the trick. You want those species that are high in Omega 3 fat. Omega 3 fat not only helps protect your heart, it works hard to protect you from any long term sun exposure you may have .

Salmon is one of the better fish species to consume.Along with Omega 3 fat it comes with astaxanthin. This ingredient helps your skin keep its elasticity while hydrating it at the same time.

Extra Virgin Oil

You may not have thought about it but those cheap supermarket cooking oils you have been buying have not been helping you out. When you want to look younger, you need to skip those cheaper oils and turn to extra virgin oil.

The ingredients in this version of cooking oil aid your skin’s fight to stay looking young. This oil may cost a little more but your looks are worth that extra expense.

Green Tea

Inside green tea is a little thing called polyphenols. Their job is to keep your collagen healthy and strong. By doing this, green tea helps your skin remains looking younger longer.

Even beauty products with green tea as a main ingredient will help your damaged skin rejuvenate and look better. The key is to use green tea regularly.


Like vegetables, there are a lot of different spices that contain healthy ingredients that make your skin stay younger looking. Even if you d not like spicy foods, there are enough spice alternatives around that bring those fountain of youth properties to your diet.

Different spices contain different ingredients and those ingredients target skin issues like age spots, skin cells and collagen growth. Just find the ones that you like to at and add them to your dishes for extra flavor and younger looking skin.


The more fruit you consume the better you should look. All kinds of fruit, found throughout the world, have healthy ingredients that affect your skin and keep it looking young.

On top of that fruit is very plentiful so adding different types of fruit to your diet keeps it interesting as well as healthy. Just do not eliminate other healthy food groups when adding fruit to your diet.


Like fruit, vegetable and spices there are a lot of different types of nuts that will help you keep your youthful looks. Cashews and almonds are just 2 of those nut species.

Different nuts contain different amounts of antioxidants and good fatty acids that work hard to keep harmful products from damaging your skin. If you do not have a person allergic to nuts in your home this is  tasty treat that helps you look like Venus the young goddess.

Red Wine

Some times you can drink your way to a healthier younger looking you. Red wine is good as long as you do not drink too much at one time. This beverage contains proanthocyanidins which have a dual purpose.

Not only do they help your digestive system remain normal, they also help keep your skin light while keeping oxidative damage to a minimum.


Despite the scare from scientists many years ago, eggs are not bad for you. They contain an ingredients called zeaxanthin and lutein. The job these two ingredients have is to protect your skin from any damage that may be caused by UV rays.

Also, those ingredients seem to give you a boost in your energy levels. The more energy you have the more exercise you can do to stay looking young and fit.

Dairy products

Two of the best dairy products to eat to stay looking young are cheese and yogurt. The two snack foods are filled with top natural ingredients that work over time to keep your skin looking its best.

The key, of course, is to eat everything in moderation. Too much of a good thing is not always healthy or beneficial.


If you do not like tea, drinking about 2 to 4 cups a day of great tasting coffee is one way to stay looking young. There should be no difference if you drink freshly ground or pre ground coffee.

One thing that coffee has are many bioactive ingredients that fight off skin disease. That fight also helps keep your skin looking youthful.