Avoid These 7 Cancer-Causing Foods

Nowadays, almost everything is being linked to causing cancer. It has become tough to determine what is good to eat and what could possibly bring cancer to you. So what are the foods likely to cause cancer?

Microwave Popcorn

Commonly, people will usually throw a packet of popcorn into their microwave for an easy, tasty snack. What most do not know is that you are exposing yourself to different kinds of cancer. They may include pancreatic, testicular and liver cancer.

The popcorn bags for use in the microwave usually contain carcinogenic chemicals. That inputs some harmful chemicals into the popcorn by creating an artificial butter flavour. Avoid popping popcorns in your microwave and use the other means available. They may include the kernel popping machine or the old-fashioned stovetop.

Processed meats

Processed meat products are likely to cause cancer. These may include foods like sausage, bacon, hot dogs and even lunch meats. Such foods have chemical preservatives that are meant to make them appear fresh and appealing to the eye. These preservatives could cause cancer if ingested into the human body. Mostly, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are used to preserve such foods, and they are associated with different forms of cancer, including colon cancer. So when going for these meat products, you must select the uncured ones that do not contain nitrates.

Refined White Flours

Refined flour is an ingredient that is very common in processed foods. However, refined flour contains excess carbohydrate content which is a primary concern as far as cancer is involved. Studies conducted by Mile Markers have clearly shown that increased intake of refined carbohydrates could lead to breast cancer in women. The blood sugar levels in one’s body are also likely to go high because of high-glycemic foods. The high sugar levels will increase the chances of survival and growth of the cancer cell.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars are also known to spike insulin levels at a fast rate to preserve the sugars. These chemicals will feed the rapid growth of cancerous cells. Sweeteners rich in fructose such as the HFCS which is high fructose corn syrup is a concern because the cancer cells have been seen to convert these chemicals to their advantage very quickly. Most of the things consumed today as snacks such as cereals, cakes, cookies, sodas, sauces and other popular snacks are therefore a gateway to cancerous cells in the human body. That is because they are the kinds of refined sugars. That possibly explains why there is a rise in the number of cancer cases these days.

Farm-raised salmon

It is pretty evident that fish is a very healthy meal, especially salmon, but the farm-raised ones could be dangerous rather than healthy. The main reason being, these farm-raised salmon are fed contaminated diets that are full of antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides and other carcinogens like asbestos. The farmed fish are also fattier than the inorganically raised ones, which mean that it absorb more toxins. Any time you feel like taking fish, then consider the fresh salmon that are not farm-raised.


The genetically modified organisms are a health hazard when it comes to cancer issues. When they were introduced back then, the number of chronic illnesses increased rapidly; allergies were experienced at a higher rate and autism in children also increased. Digestion and reproductive problems were experienced after the intake of these GMOs. Vegetables that were genetically modified were fed to rats, and the result was horrifying tumours that developed on their bodies. The most prominent toxin was GM bovine which is a growth hormone that can be found in milk. It is advisable that you stay away from these killer meals and only consume certified non-GMO foods that are only locally grown.

Hydrogenated oils

These are the oils used in food preservation. Hydrogenated oils keep processed foods for long without going bad. They, however, are not fit for human consumption. That is because they alter the layout and flexibility of cells in the body which may bring about unwanted diseases like cancer. Some of the manufacturers are aware of this danger and have started applying palm oil and other alternatives to hydrogenated oils to preserve processed foods.

Bottom Line

Cancer-causing foods are sprinkled all over the market so you should be very vigilant of what you consume. Make sure you check on the contents of what you consume, such as the GMOs which could bring you problems. Also, avoid foods containing hydrogenated oils for a better lifestyle and health.