Woman Passes Strange Sealed Boxes then she Hears Crying

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Small cries come from boxes that have been placed on each other and that have been closed with thick tape.

The CHAT rescuers came sooner to help after the woman alerted them and then they heard the harrowing mews of the cats inside the boxes. But since the boxes had been left in an alley near a busy Stratford road, the rescuers had to be very careful.

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“There were no air holes in the boxes”, the CHAT are written. “We did not know their temperament, so we did not open the boxes and risk let them go in the street, so we made a few holes in the boxes to let the air in.”

A short drive to the Animal Clinic later, the rescuers were able to discover the lives of the cats they had just rescued.

Rescuers deciding that the use of scissors to open the boxes would be too dangerous then decided to use a blunt butter knife to cut the thick ribbon.

Inside the boxes the rescuers were found a total of 11 young cats and kittens that would certainly be dead if the woman does not hear their mews.

“We can only assume that their intention was to die,” wrote CHAT. “Without oxygen, cats cannot live 1 or 2 hours inside the boxes”

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It’s a mystery to know where the cats come from and why they were left behind. CHAT asks anyone with information about the case to contact them. In the meantime, rescuers are surprised by the personality who left the cats.

“What’s really weird is that these cats are really beautiful and have clearly been loved,” CHAT wrote. “What would make an apparently affectionate owner do something so terrible?”

Cats now have to rest and snuggle as long as they are safe. They are also treated against fleas, sterilized and microchips.

After news of their abandonment reached Facebook, many community members stepped forward to help CHAT with their new residents.

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